Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

When a beautiful strawberry red head comes into the studio with a trunk of clothes and a big beautiful prom dress, you’ know it’s going to be amazing. Boy was it. Seriously this shoot was amazing.

This was such a beautiful Senior Portraits shoot that Lori did. Not only was this girl stunning to photograph, she was super sweet and nice. Her and Lori had such a fun time doing this shoot. The beautiful blanket that she has was given to her when she was born. Her mom wanted Lori to use it in the shoot. It looks so beautiful wrapped around her, don’t you think?

I also love that she brought in her prom dress. I think it looks so beautiful with the sunlight shinning through it. Looks a little angelic to me. I also love the way the sun picks up different colors in the dress. So beautiful.

This sweet girl has big plans after graduation. She’s heading off to college in Massachusetts. I’m sure that her parents and younger siblings are going to miss her so much. If it helps just a little, they’ll have beautiful photos of their daughter to keep her close to them.

We wish her all the luck on the next chapter in her life.





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Forever Young

Forever Young

It’s that bitter sweet time of year again, graduation time. What an exciting time for your kids. So many of them will be graduating High School or College in the coming months. Where did the time go? Trust me, I’ve been there. My son graduated the same year that Andy from Toy Story graduated. Wow….that was so hard to watch that movie. It’s like their childhood flashes before you. I literally was the last one left in the theatre because I was a sobbing wreck!

As hard as it was to watch our son close that chapter in his life, it was SO exciting to watch him start the next chapter in his life. We could not be more proud of him and all that he’s done. It’s such a different time for kids in High School and College these days. There’s so many opportunities for them. Kids have their colleges in mind long before they even get to high school.

I go back to what I always say about milestones or special moments in your life, capture them with photography. Put those important moments into beautiful little time capsules. I wish I had known about Brystan Studios when my son graduated. The only decent photo that I have of him is the one of him standing there saying “cheese”, shaking the hand of the Principal when he accepted his diploma. I would have loved to have honored him and his huge accomplishment with a photo shoot with Lori Brystan.

A Graduation Photo Shoot with Lori is not a “say cheese” photo shoot in any way! She talks with you and your kids and finds out what their interested are. Do they play guitar? Do they dance? Do they like the beach? Do they like horses? Whatever they love, that’s what we will capture. An On Location shoot at their favorite spot, with their favorite things couldn’t be more perfect to celebrate their accomplishment.

I know that in the upcoming weeks and months it’s going to be a rush to get many things in order. Please, take the time to honor your son or daughter and to capture this special time in their life. As the great Rod Stewart said it best, “may sunshine and happiness surround you when you’re far from home”.



OC Laguna Beach Photographer

OC Laguna Beach Photographer

If you are going to be in Orange County this summer and are looking for an amazing OC Laguna Beach Photographer look no further than Brystan Studios! Lori Brystan is a native OC photographer and truly knows how to capture the carefree spirit of a California Summer.  We have another photo shoot this afternoon and Ill be sharing those pictures soon! Close your eyes and imagine yourself having professional pictures taken with the gorgeous pacific ocean and Laguna cliffs in the background. It doesn’t get much better than that! Call 949.831.3774 and talk to our studio manager about your future shoot. Happy Summer! 

Orange County Senior Portraits are next!

Orange County Senior Portraits are next!

I hope everyone had a fantastic mothers day in Orange County this past weekend. If you didn’t have a chance to come in for family portraits before mothers day, remember fathers day is right around the corner and we will be running Orange County Fathers Day specials very soon! Sign up on our email list & don’t miss out on any of our specials! I wanted to talk about the next big photography event happening in Orange County, which is Orange County High School and College graduations!! I personally am going to my 10 year high school reunion this year and it is just amazing how quickly time flies as you get older. Moms and Dads you will want to capture this time in your Orange County Seniors life right before they leave the proverbial nest. We can make beautiful graduation announcements, which every member of the family will want to have… especially grandma and grandpa. Schedule your Orange County Senior Portraits today! 

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