Orange County Boudoir Photographer, Lori Brystan

Orange County Boudoir Photographer, Lori Brystan

Orange County Boudoir Photographer, LORI BRYSTAN, lives to bring light and love to people’s lives.

DID YOU KNOW…in French Boudoir literally translates to “the pouting room.”

Orange County Boudoir Photography by Lori Brystan & Brystan StudiosFantasy becomes Reality

Inspired by the world’s sexiest language, for me boudoir is where fantasy and reality collide.  While some of us may still pout in our bedrooms, we all have our inner sexy desiring to get out and express itself.  We like to help make that expression happen.  Let’s stop pouting and start expressing.  The fantasy begins when I use beams of light bouncing off hair with just the right strokes of makeup and color.   Textured fabrics of a wardrobe selection can pop with electricity in the perfect setting or backdrop.  We have sexy sets to match your every mood.  Whether you’re voluptuous or fun-sized, feeling racy or relaxed, being beautiful is feeling beautiful.  Finally, there’s the magical angle of the camera that screams, “this woman is nothing less than absolutely stunning.”  I believe the Brystan Experience brings a woman’s ultimate fantasy of expressing her amazing sexy self to the very surface of her living and breathing reality.

Brystan_Boudoir_06-14-4040_ret copy

Open the Door

It’s so common for a woman to come to the studio feeling much less than beautiful or amazing.  We women can be very hard on ourselves.  That’s where I feel like I flourish.  I know how liberating it is to free that inner person we were created to be.  I enjoy nothing more than being the bright light that reveals the exit that has always been there.  My camera is a key that opens the door.  Your door.

Brystan_Boudoir_06-14-4103_ret copy

Most of our clients will tell you that even though they come to Brystan Studios to create something special for someone else, in the end they are the ones who get so much more from the experience.  Once again, this is what I live for.

Brystan_Boudoir_06-14-4135 copy

Orange County Boudoir Photographer, Lori Brystan, creates an Unforgettable Bridal Boudoir Gift

Brittany wanted to create an unforgettable gift for her groom on their wedding night.  These are a few looks from what I’m sure will be a source of love, hope and belief for years to come.  There might be a hint of pouting here and there, but there’s a whole world of expression going on.  And an experience that will live eternal for her

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