How to prepare for a photo shoot

How to prepare for a photo shoot

How do I prepare for a photo shoot? I get this question daily. Here’s what I tell our clients. The most important thing is to keep it simple, relax and have fun. This applies to everyone for any type of shoot.

How do I prepare for a boudoir shoot? Do I bring my own wardrobe? Do I do my own hair & make-up? Do I spray tan? Can I bring a friend for support? All of these are great questions. You’ll want to bring a beautiful black bra & panties with you and thigh high’s if you want to wear them. If you’re doing a bridal or a softer look, bring a beautiful white (or light colored) bra and panties and thigh highs. Feel free to bring a sexy bustier for your shoot. Over the years, we’ve invested in several beautiful items that you are  welcome to use. We’ve got beautiful wraps, jewelry, hats, gloves and gorgeous feather boas.

We have a large wardrobe, hair and make-up room. You can upgrade your shoot to include hair & make-up if you would like. We ask that all clients come with their hair styled as they normally wear it and we will add soft curls & spray to their hair. If we are doing your  make-up, we like to do the full make-up for you. We’ve got every colors for every skin tone. Our photographers are also highly trained make-up artists.

Then there’s the spray tan question. No, no, no, please don’t spray tan. Spray tans on occasion can be nice but never before a shoot. You just don’t know how the color will turn out or how even the coverage will be.  You also wouldn’t want any of the color to rub off on your clothes or the sheets during the shoot.

We know how important it is to bring a friend for moral support. Boudoir shoots can be a little intimidating if you haven’t done one before. Please feel free to bring a friend with you however, for your sake, we don’t allow friends, boyfriends or husbands on the set. We want you to feel your most comfortable and not self conscious.

Last but not least, don’t wait until your body is in “perfect shape”. Most of us never feel like we’re in the best shape. Trust that our photographers will play upon your finest features and create beautiful works of art for you.


Marry Me today and every day

Marry Me today and every day

If there’s one thing all women know, it’s NEVER dare a woman to do something. We all know that as soon as someone throws out a challenge, we’re gonna take that challenge and run with it. This gorgeous girls boyfriend did just that. He dared his girlfriend to ask him to marry him. Ladies, is it just me or did we all know that he totally wanted her to ask him? One look at this beauty tells me that’s a yes.

I love the perfect way she chose to pop the big question. She called Brystan Studios and asked us to get in on the act. She set up a beautiful boudoir shoot Amy and together they came up with a fun, sexy, playful shoot. Our beautiful bride to be created her own  sign and brought it with her for the shoot. It turned out so cute, don’t you think?

A few days after the shoot, our client set up a viewing appointment in our intimate theatre room. She brought her boyfriend with her to watch the slideshow of her photos. The slideshow was set to romantic music, there were chocolates, champaigne and candles. Just thinking about it makes me so nervous but so happy. He had NO idea what was about to happen. In a few minutes, both of their lives were about to change.

The slideshow started out with a few elegent boudoir photos. I’m sure he was thrilled at how stunning his girlfriend looked. Then, last but certainly not least, came the most important photo of their lives. Up on the big screen tv comes the photo of his girlfriend holding up the handmade sign that says the most important words he’s ever heard so far, “Marry Me”.

How romantic is that? Goosebumps! Of course, her boyfriend said YES.

We wish them both a lifetime of  love & happiness always. Thank you for choosing Brystan Studios to help you with your romantic wedding proposal.

If you would like Brystan Studios to help you with a big surprise, proposal, expecting a baby, excepted into college, etc, please call us. We would LOVE to get in on the act. Call us today to book your Valentine’s Day photo shoot. Your shoot will also include the slideshow presentation in our beautiful theatre room.


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