Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography: The Time is Now.

Boudoir Photography.  Because every woman could use a little lift from time to time.  It might be the emotional boost that comes from a self-proclamation like “hey, I’m never gonna be younger than today so I’m going for it”.  Maybe it’s a reminder of just how beautiful we are and we embrace it.  Sometimes it feels really good just to share something personal like an intimate moment with the one we love.  And it all goes just a little bit further with a dash of sexy thrown in the mix!  I love helping women uncover personal treasures like these.

Boudoir Photography: Uncovering Treasured Beauty

I believe every woman is treasured beauty.  Sometimes we just need a little help to uncover that reality.  Early in my life I discovered that I’ve been blessed with the ability to see this in people.  It is my purpose and mission in life to share this blessing with others.  Especially those who cannot see it in themselves.

Halloween Boudoir Photography Fantasy Shoot

Fantasy Shoot with Lori Brystan at Brystan Studios

Boudoir Photography: Where “Sexy” Starts

When I first meet someone, the revelation rushes in like a river of textures, shadows and color.  It might be a certain angle that you just can’t see in the mirror.  Maybe it’s the perfect lighting environment for you.  Maybe its a mood or expression waiting to be captured.  Whatever it is, once discovered a whole flood of positive feeling, confident emotion and true love is released.  I believe this is where “sexy” starts.  And this is when holding the camera becomes so fun and rewarding for me.

Boudoir Photography by Lori Brystan and Brystan Studios

Bridal Boudoir Photography by Lori Brystan and Brystan Studios

Boudoir Photography: Lori Brystan’s Signature

Creating beautiful, sexy art that captures an individual’s soul is my signature.  That’s why we call my boudoir photography sessions Signature Shoots and that’s why the Brystan Studios Mantra is “Photography that Captures the Soul”.

Boudoir Photographer Orange County

One of Lori Brystan’s early works: A Boudoir Portrait shot on film at Brystan Studios almost 20 years ago.

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