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Classic Beauty is Timeless

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Why a Portrait Session?

I have learned a lot from women as a photographer. We are mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters and often take on the world putting ourselves second (if not last). Rarely do we stop and take a breath or a moment to celebrate all that we are and all that we’ve become. We’re so busy doing so much for others that we forget to spoil ourselves – it’s just in our nature.

Over the years, clients have shared so many inspiring stories that make me a better woman – stories of constant giving, love, and strength. There’s a bond and connection between us women that let us know we can get through anything, but it often comes at the expense of taking care of our own hearts, bodies, and minds. Often, we’re the last to see all of our own beauty and achievements even though everyone else can, and we focus on the things we don’t love about ourselves or haven’t yet conquered.

The beauty of a photoshoot is that it is a time and space just for you. It’s a moment when you get to discover what you love and accept about yourself that can last the rest of your life. As women, we are beautiful inside and out – that’s why there are centuries of portraits displaying our strength and beauty. I believe a portrait of oneself is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves to remind us of and celebrate how beautiful we really are and all that we’ve accomplished.

The Right Time

Most of us know inner beauty matters most, but we can’t help but want to feel pretty on the outside. Rather than celebrate who we are right now, we put it off until we are less tired, less busy, 10 pounds lighter, or look 10 years younger. We get busy and put self-love off, but let me ask you: if not now, then when?

The beautiful thing about life is that we will always be busy – it’s how we continue to grow into who we are and our purpose. There will never be a time when you are not busy, not tired, and blemish or wrinkle-free. But there will always be a right time to celebrate who you are amidst all of that. That time is now.

The Experience

A photoshoot at our studio is unlike anywhere else. It’s truly a unique experience that you won’t forget. Let’s face it – we like pretty things that make us feel glamorous – a red or pink lipstick, perhaps a few flowers, and a lot of sparkles. Your session includes professional makeup and hair that will have you feeling like a celebrity. You’ll also receive access to an amazing wardrobe room with beautiful pieces to borrow for your photoshoot with professional styling advice for a perfect, flattering and glamorous look.

Because we want this experience to be all about you-time, it’s our promise that you will truly enjoy and have fun during your session, listening to your favorite music, sipping on some champagne, and feeling glamorous. And you don’t need to know how to pose or be a model, because I make the session fun and memorable and show you everything you need to know. 

As you become more comfortable in your own skin and perhaps begin reflecting on when you felt your most beautiful, you’ll start to see how stunning you really are – here and now. There’s nothing I love more than showing you the first few images on the back of the camera and seeing the real magic happen – you start to see at that moment how gorgeous you are.


I’m grateful to Brystan for showing me the beauty of my body & soul. Lori reached down into my soul and brought it into the daylight. I had no idea I was that beautiful.
Bo S.

Entering the dressing room, my jaw dropped. Racks of gorgeous wardrobe and high heels, feather fans, jewelry, full makeup & hair station, I could play there forever.
Jennifer S.

I felt so in control of my life & what I wanted. I felt more beautiful in a way I can’t put into words. I walked out feeling ‘I am woman & everything I ever need to be.’

One Woman’s Incredible Boudoir Experience

“To take a risk is to face fear. This is best done with intent and courage. Know what intuition is suggesting, then act knowing why it is best to fear or not the action about to be undertaken. Then face the consequences, honestly.  Partaking in a boudoir experience as a senior session meant personal risk at not liking the end result. But the images were, and remain uplifting. Lori Brystan captured nuances of how God meant me to be that I did not see on my own. The session was life affirming and remains a source of daily encouragement.”

Books & Albums

Your beautiful portraits deserve to stand the test of time, professionally-styled and presented in the finest textiles.

Custom-designed from cover to cover, a fine art album is a lasting testament to the beautiful woman you are, both on the inside and outside.

Every turn of the page reveals more of all your amazing qualities and personality.

Wall Art

One thing you should never do is forget how stunning you really are.

Display your glamorous side every day with wall art framed in genuine wood or printed on hand-stretched canvas.

With a contemporary finish, luxurious texture and easy-to-install French cleat hangers, your portrait is ready to be proudly put on display in any area of your home.

Select from a variety of premium materials, frames and mat styles, and modern finishes, to further personalize your works of art.

Woman's smiling lifestyle portrait in a wooden frame.
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