Our Story Begins

The Brystan Studios Experience

Like you, we believe in the power of photographs to preserve memories and relive an emotional experience, while truly capturing the soul of the moment.

To achieve that, we take a modern approach to the marriage of discipline and artistic expression that provides an unparalleled personal experience.

Since 1987, Brystan Studios has been dedicated to telling a lifetime of stories for all our clients.

Your Session is Like Any of the Great Film Classics

It all starts with a great story — your story.

Your private portrait planning session with Lori is where your script comes to life. We get to know each other and collaborate on creative ideas for your photographs. From lighting to wardrobe, makeup and hair, your session is limited only by imagination.

The Excitement Builds As Soon As You Enter Our Lavish Studio

Listen to your favorite music as you sip champagne or Perrier in the hair and makeup chair…

Enjoy true star treatment with access to our exclusive wardrobe room, styling services, state-of-the-art lighting, and our expansive collection of designer sets and props selected just for you.

When the photography starts, your confidence grows as you’re effortlessly directed by a true professional.

But wait until you get a few sneak peeks at the back of the camera…

When you do, you’ll instantly realize the endless possibilities that our collaboration brings.

Your Brystan Studios experience concludes with a big reveal in our presentation theater.

It’s your story, told in unforgettable, timeless portraits that become irreplaceable heirlooms.

A Letter from Lori

I believe in living in the moment, eating the cake, buying the shoes, taking that once-in-a-lifetime trip. I’m a lover of life, the simple moments, the unlimited possibilities in this journey called life.

Now is the best time — the perfect moment.

I’m the kind of person who gets a smile from your baby in the store or from passing children.

I absolutely adore them, and the innocence and wonderment they represent. I’m blessed with a beautiful daughter, a loving husband, and amazing friends and family. My husband is a touring musician, so we travel the world, and our house is filled with music and art.

I love the change of the seasons and how I can feel the magic and possibilities swirling in the moment. I love yoga and belly dancing. I treasure my favorite spiritual books that enlighten me on my journey and quench my thirst for growth and knowledge. I believe that the world is good, most people are loving, and world peace is possible.

I look forward to getting to know you and all the things you’re grateful for.

Most importantly, I can’t wait to help celebrate YOU and capture the story of your life.


Meet Lori

Lori Brystan is a storyteller, multifaceted photographer and pioneer of modern American portraiture. Over her 30-year career, she’s pursued her passion to create artful, meaningful images.

Her industry knowledge and technical skills are unmatched, from lighting and directing to makeup artistry and hair styling. And yet, her greatest strength lies beyond the lens, in her ability to make every personality shine in its own incredible way.

With the support of her Brystan Studios team, Lori puts her diverse skill set to work creating tailored, cinematic results for every client, while her entirely original style adds a magical touch to her craft.

Her work has been featured in publications such as Family Circle, Elle Decor, Greer’s OC and Ceremony Magazine. Lori is a two-time author, educator and filmmaker.


Lori doesn't just snap a photo, she peers into your Soul and actually brings that into FORM through her incredible GIFT as a photographer. She has continued to capture the story of our lives. Lori’s photos grace the walls of our home and bring us joy everyday!

Michelle A. 

We loved how wonderful Lori was with the kids, making them feel so comfortable that they had the most beautiful smiles. That in itself is hard to find in a photographer. Thank you Lori for creating a beautiful memory for our family!

Katie G. 

I’m not one to write reviews but Lori is beyond worth the effort! She has been capturing the spirit of my kids and family since they were babies. Our home is covered in beautiful photos that she has captured and is more beautiful and meaningful than any artwork to me! Every year I make sure we do at least one shoot with Lori and I am so thankful that we do and will continue to do so! Even when I feel unattractive and think I’m just going to do the kids this year, Lori will convince me to get just a couple and they end up being beautiful and photos I cherish forever! She captures the love I have for my husband, our family and the love our girls have for each other. Lori is the best and we are so lucky to have met her early enough to have all the beautiful photos of our girls from babies to teens and we are not stopping anytime soon.

Jaye Adderton 

Lori’s photos grace the walls of our home and bring joy to our lives everyday!

The Andersons 

Lori has been our family photographer for over 20 years.  She has captured the growth of my children, provided me with amazing headshots for my business, and been a part of seeing our lives change.

Greg Christy 

Time flies when you're having fun. When we became a family of three, the years have never moved so swiftly. We are so grateful Lori has been here to capture our most precious moments. Her talent is unmatched as a creative, warm & passionate artist. I can always count on Lori to tell our family story through photos, highlighting the soul & personality of our family.

Lila Rauch 

Sharing the Magic

We’re blessed to run a successful business, and strive to give back in a real, tangible way, which is why we support Operation Smile.

We relish the power of a smile to communicate love.

So, what better way for us to make a difference than to help children regain smiles of their own?

A portion of every session at Brystan Studios goes toward corrective surgery, offering children the opportunity they’ve never had… the opportunity to smile.

If you would like to join us in this effort, please visit OPERATION SMILE.

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