Book a Mini Session with Top Orange County Photographer

Book a Mini Session with Top Orange County Photographer

Many of my clients over the years have expressed that they would like a mini session or a smaller shoot, something quick, easy and affordable.

That’s why we’re introducing mini sessions for a limited time offer for the month of June!

We have many beautiful new studio sets and props for you to select from.

Book a Mini Session with Top Orange County Photographer Brystan Studios

Clients can choose from themes like maternity, boudoir, family, senior year, kids or even business and branding photos. Then pop into our state-of-the-art studio for a quick and easy 30-minute session with us and end up with 5 digital portraits you’ll love!

Book a Mini Session with Top Orange County Photographer Brystan Studios

For this month only, we’re offering these sessions for the special price of only $499. With over 30 years experience in the business, Brystan Studios is the premier photography company in the OC. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality keeps our clients coming back over and over.

Book your mini session today!

Give us a call at (949)831-3774 or click here to fill out our contact form to schedule your Mini Session with Brystan Studios – the Top Orange County Photography Studio!

Decorate Your Home with Family Treasures – A Guide to Custom Albums and Portraits

Decorate Your Home with Family Treasures – A Guide to Custom Albums and Portraits

As fun and special as the sessions with my clients are, I know that the real prize is turning these moments into lasting memories through the images we capture.

These will become family treasures as they can gather around a custom family album years later, or add to a growing gallery wall of favorite images adorning their hallway.

Coffee Table Books + Custom Family Albums

One option is to compile your favorite portraits into a custom made hardcover album you can display in your home as a museum-quality coffee table book or even featured on a tabletop easel. These artisan-crafted albums create a powerful visual story, unfolding page by page.

Portraits to Hang on Your Walls

If you want to revisit the laughter and smiles each day as you walk through your home, there’s no better way than with timeless wall portraits.Collect these one-of-a-kind pieces over the years to showcase a timeline of cherished moments and meaningful milestones with your family. You can style your art according to your home’s exact aesthetic, with genuine wood frames, hand-stretched wrapped canvas or contemporary museum finished portraits.

Choose from the Highest Quality Materials to Match Your Home’s Decor and Style

After your session, we help you choose the materials and styles that’ll match your home’s decor and style.

Select from a variety of premium materials, frames and mat styles, and modern finishes, to further personalize your works of art.

Plus – did you want my BEST tips for planning your family photo session?

Your family is your world and creating new memories with them is incredibly special.

You want to document these special times in your family’s journey with amazing photos that you can display proudly in your home.

I want to invite you to download “7 Tips for a Memorable Family Portrait Session You’ll Cherish Forever”, so you can feel confident before you even step in front of the camera. You’ll learn all about choosing the right photographer, designing your session, what to wear and what to expect afterward. This guide covers all the bases!

>>> Click here (or on the image below) to download the guide now

Through the Years:  Capturing a Journey with one of my Favorite Families

Through the Years: Capturing a Journey with one of my Favorite Families

Through the years, I have been documenting this family since the father was actually a little boy! Now to see him as a dad with his own family is very special.

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is capturing someone’s life story. From the beginning of the romance to falling in love and starting a family.

From the intimate boudoir portraits as a gift to him on their wedding day to her breathtaking and beautiful Maternity session

Behind-The-Session: Capturing a Family Journey Through the Years with one of my favorite families with Brystan Studios

Of course, we had to do some newborn portraits when their sweet baby girl arrived, staying with the same warm and welcoming theme and energy this family brings.

I have continued to document their family’s love every year, creating beautiful albums and wall portraits for them to enjoy throughout the rest of their lives.

The sessions were done at their family’s homes which needless to say, were simply amazing.

I feel blessed for each and every one of the families that I’ve gotten to know and worked with. Thank you for letting me capture the beauty of your life.

Love, Lori

Want me to capture your own family memories?

When was the last time your family had some beautiful professional photos taken? iPhone pictures are great but they’re no replacement for a beautiful wall portrait hanging in your living room or hallway that you get to walk past every single day. As a parent, I’m guessing you’re usually stuck behind the camera, but you deserve to be a part of these beautiful memories with your kids and loved ones.

Give us a call at (949)831-3774 or click here to fill out our contact form to schedule your Family Photo Session with Brystan Studios – the Top Orange County Photography Studio!

Orange County Maternity Photography

Orange County Maternity Photography

Orange County Maternity Photography



The exciting day is just around the corner, your gorgeous maternity curves are blossoming, and the excitement is building as you are absolutely ready to welcome new life!

It’s time to capture this beautiful moment in photos!

We have compiled a list of helpful insider tips to ensure you make the most of your baby bump photos and create a family heirloom that you will treasure forever!

When is the best time to take a photo of my baby bump?

We think the best time to show off your baby bump is just about two months before your baby is due. Women develop a great shape that is so beautiful to photograph just between 6 to 10 weeks before the due date.

How should I plan my photo shoot?

Consider some of the gorgeous Orange County maternity photography here in our gallery. Our gallery may inspire you with some ideas about the image and attitude you would like to portray in your photos too. Understand that Lori Brystan has a very special and unique gift of photographic composition that will bring out the most beautiful qualities in you and highlight your maternity in the most individualized and special way.

Orange County Maternity Photography

Orange County Maternity Photography at Brystan Studios

What to wear, what to bring?

We want you to feel comfortable and beautiful! Lori has a very easy and calming way of working with each client in front of the camera. We want you to feel like you are in your comfort zone! Feel free to bring wardrobe you love, feel amazing in and that reflects your personality.

We also have many stunning wardrobe pieces in our collection at the studio such as feminine skirts and pretty drapes. Consult with Lori about the looks you would like to achieve and rest assured; she will exceed your expectations.

Should I choose black & white photos or color?

Lori will edit and design your beautiful baby bump photos in color and in black & white. Lori is an artist who “paints with light” as she shoots. She knows how to capture your most exquisite images. After your shoot, Lori will custom edit your images and can offer photographs with a variety of treatments including black & white and color.

Is it okay if I get the family in on it?

Absolutely! This can be the perfect time to create beautiful once-in-a-lifetime family portraits! Again, Lori will help you design your personalized shoot to bring out the unique personality of you and your family. Collaborate with Lori on your ideas.

Call our studio to schedule a consultation and above all; enjoy this beautiful time in your life!

Love, Cynthia

Couples Orange County Maternity Photography

Couples Orange County Maternity Photography at Brystan Studios

Angel Baby

Angel Baby

How does Lori keep her photography fresh after doing it for over 25 years? Because each shoot is so unique. This excited mom actually called Lori from the hospital after giving birth to her new baby girl. She saw Lori’s newborn portraits inside of the OCWMG and knew that Lori would create a beautiful shoot for her new bundle of joy.

After doing a phone consultation with Lori, the two of them came up with this sweet, angelic shoot. Lori actually went out and bought teenie tiny angel wings just for this shoot. The result was just so beautiful. Look at the way the sunlight floods into the studio and shines so beautifully on baby.

You know that I’ve talked several times about our beautiful keepsake albums and wall portraits. This is one of those shoots that demands both of those. Wall portraits in baby’s room are a must for this family. There were so many photos to choose from that choosing just a couple for wall portraits will be impossible. That’s why a keepsake album would be perfect.

How adorable is big brother by the way? So dang cute! I think when the family sees this beautiful, unique photos of their newborn, they’re going to have to do a cool shoot with big brother. Hmmm….I wonder what kind of fun , cool things he’s into? I can only imagine what Lori could come up with. Too fun!

If you have a special eveng coming up that you want to capture through Lori’s photography, call us. Lori will come up with something magical for each client. If you can dream it, she can create it


How to prepare for a photo shoot

How to prepare for a photo shoot

How do I prepare for a photo shoot? I get this question daily. Here’s what I tell our clients. The most important thing is to keep it simple, relax and have fun. This applies to everyone for any type of shoot.

How do I prepare for a boudoir shoot? Do I bring my own wardrobe? Do I do my own hair & make-up? Do I spray tan? Can I bring a friend for support? All of these are great questions. You’ll want to bring a beautiful black bra & panties with you and thigh high’s if you want to wear them. If you’re doing a bridal or a softer look, bring a beautiful white (or light colored) bra and panties and thigh highs. Feel free to bring a sexy bustier for your shoot. Over the years, we’ve invested in several beautiful items that you are  welcome to use. We’ve got beautiful wraps, jewelry, hats, gloves and gorgeous feather boas.

We have a large wardrobe, hair and make-up room. You can upgrade your shoot to include hair & make-up if you would like. We ask that all clients come with their hair styled as they normally wear it and we will add soft curls & spray to their hair. If we are doing your  make-up, we like to do the full make-up for you. We’ve got every colors for every skin tone. Our photographers are also highly trained make-up artists.

Then there’s the spray tan question. No, no, no, please don’t spray tan. Spray tans on occasion can be nice but never before a shoot. You just don’t know how the color will turn out or how even the coverage will be.  You also wouldn’t want any of the color to rub off on your clothes or the sheets during the shoot.

We know how important it is to bring a friend for moral support. Boudoir shoots can be a little intimidating if you haven’t done one before. Please feel free to bring a friend with you however, for your sake, we don’t allow friends, boyfriends or husbands on the set. We want you to feel your most comfortable and not self conscious.

Last but not least, don’t wait until your body is in “perfect shape”. Most of us never feel like we’re in the best shape. Trust that our photographers will play upon your finest features and create beautiful works of art for you.


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