Angel Baby

Angel Baby

How does Lori keep her photography fresh after doing it for over 25 years? Because each shoot is so unique. This excited mom actually called Lori from the hospital after giving birth to her new baby girl. She saw Lori’s newborn portraits inside of the OCWMG and knew that Lori would create a beautiful shoot for her new bundle of joy.

After doing a phone consultation with Lori, the two of them came up with this sweet, angelic shoot. Lori actually went out and bought teenie tiny angel wings just for this shoot. The result was just so beautiful. Look at the way the sunlight floods into the studio and shines so beautifully on baby.

You know that I’ve talked several times about our beautiful keepsake albums and wall portraits. This is one of those shoots that demands both of those. Wall portraits in baby’s room are a must for this family. There were so many photos to choose from that choosing just a couple for wall portraits will be impossible. That’s why a keepsake album would be perfect.

How adorable is big brother by the way? So dang cute! I think when the family sees this beautiful, unique photos of their newborn, they’re going to have to do a cool shoot with big brother. Hmmm….I wonder what kind of fun , cool things he’s into? I can only imagine what Lori could come up with. Too fun!

If you have a special eveng coming up that you want to capture through Lori’s photography, call us. Lori will come up with something magical for each client. If you can dream it, she can create it


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