Orange County Family Portraits to Capture that Special Moment in Time

Orange County Family Portraits to Capture that Special Moment in Time

Hi I’m Lori!

Nice to see you here!

The holidays are right around the corner and I know that you are thinking about where to get your family pictures taken. We’ve been taking professional family photographs for 29 years, and I love being your family’s photographer. For your special orange county family portraits to be perfect, you need to have the right location, look, and skilled photographer to take care of all those needs for you. This is where we come in!

Orange Couny Family Portraits

We offer high end, top quality photos that will look like a painting on your wall. Isn’t that why we take family pictures? To showcase them on our walls to remind us of that special memory? Every session I take is personal to me as if it were my own. Your completed gallery of photos will reflect my love, care and attention for your family and my work.

Let our photos of you adorn your walls and help remind you of that special moment in time. Be sure to scroll down and capture our holiday special! “Book any family session in October and receive 25 complimentary Holiday cards.” Use our code when you fill out our contact form found here: to receive it. Put this code into our message box:  Oct25cards, or simply let us know you want them.


We are Your Preferred Orange County Family Portrait Photographer

The bright autumn colors that fall bring are a perfect setting for your next family portrait, and I am sure that you are probably thinking of holiday pictures to send to your friends and family. Let me help you capture those exquisite photos of you so that you are sending out nothing but the best holiday photographs to all of your friends and family. 

Hiring a Professional

Whenever you hire a professional, you are going to be placing your trust in that individual to know what to do with their equipment and how to get the pictures that you want. Not only that, but they are going to be able to place you and your family at ease. If this is the way that you are going to want to do it, then you will want to book your session early due to the fact that autumn is when professionals become busy.

The difference between having us take your photo verses doing it yourself is simple. We live and breathe photography. You could be a busy mother, father, a working professional or both, but what we do is photography.

Choosing Your Perfect Family Portrait Setting

Keep these three things in mind when it comes to picking a location for your photos.

  • Choose a background that will fit your card’s motif.
  • Don’t pick a crowded location
  • Let us take the photos and direct your poses because we know what works!

For stunning Orange County family portraits that capture your family’s inner and outer beauty, contact us today! We look forward to becoming your family’s special photographer.

Wishing you love and light this holiday season.

 Lori Brystan

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