Orange County Maternity Photography



The exciting day is just around the corner, your gorgeous maternity curves are blossoming, and the excitement is building as you are absolutely ready to welcome new life!

It’s time to capture this beautiful moment in photos!

We have compiled a list of helpful insider tips to ensure you make the most of your baby bump photos and create a family heirloom that you will treasure forever!

When is the best time to take a photo of my baby bump?

We think the best time to show off your baby bump is just about two months before your baby is due. Women develop a great shape that is so beautiful to photograph just between 6 to 10 weeks before the due date.

How should I plan my photo shoot?

Consider some of the gorgeous Orange County maternity photography here in our gallery. Our gallery may inspire you with some ideas about the image and attitude you would like to portray in your photos too. Understand that Lori Brystan has a very special and unique gift of photographic composition that will bring out the most beautiful qualities in you and highlight your maternity in the most individualized and special way.

Orange County Maternity Photography

Orange County Maternity Photography at Brystan Studios

What to wear, what to bring?

We want you to feel comfortable and beautiful! Lori has a very easy and calming way of working with each client in front of the camera. We want you to feel like you are in your comfort zone! Feel free to bring wardrobe you love, feel amazing in and that reflects your personality.

We also have many stunning wardrobe pieces in our collection at the studio such as feminine skirts and pretty drapes. Consult with Lori about the looks you would like to achieve and rest assured; she will exceed your expectations.

Should I choose black & white photos or color?

Lori will edit and design your beautiful baby bump photos in color and in black & white. Lori is an artist who “paints with light” as she shoots. She knows how to capture your most exquisite images. After your shoot, Lori will custom edit your images and can offer photographs with a variety of treatments including black & white and color.

Is it okay if I get the family in on it?

Absolutely! This can be the perfect time to create beautiful once-in-a-lifetime family portraits! Again, Lori will help you design your personalized shoot to bring out the unique personality of you and your family. Collaborate with Lori on your ideas.

Call our studio to schedule a consultation and above all; enjoy this beautiful time in your life!

Love, Cynthia

Couples Orange County Maternity Photography

Couples Orange County Maternity Photography at Brystan Studios

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