When a beautiful strawberry red head comes into the studio with a trunk of clothes and a big beautiful prom dress, you’ know it’s going to be amazing. Boy was it. Seriously this shoot was amazing.

This was such a beautiful Senior Portraits shoot that Lori did. Not only was this girl stunning to photograph, she was super sweet and nice. Her and Lori had such a fun time doing this shoot. The beautiful blanket that she has was given to her when she was born. Her mom wanted Lori to use it in the shoot. It looks so beautiful wrapped around her, don’t you think?

I also love that she brought in her prom dress. I think it looks so beautiful with the sunlight shinning through it. Looks a little angelic to me. I also love the way the sun picks up different colors in the dress. So beautiful.

This sweet girl has big plans after graduation. She’s heading off to college in Massachusetts. I’m sure that her parents and younger siblings are going to miss her so much. If it helps just a little, they’ll have beautiful photos of their daughter to keep her close to them.

We wish her all the luck on the next chapter in her life.





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