Through the Years:  Capturing a Journey with one of my Favorite Families

Through the Years: Capturing a Journey with one of my Favorite Families

Through the years, I have been documenting this family since the father was actually a little boy! Now to see him as a dad with his own family is very special.

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is capturing someone’s life story. From the beginning of the romance to falling in love and starting a family.

From the intimate boudoir portraits as a gift to him on their wedding day to her breathtaking and beautiful Maternity session

Behind-The-Session: Capturing a Family Journey Through the Years with one of my favorite families with Brystan Studios

Of course, we had to do some newborn portraits when their sweet baby girl arrived, staying with the same warm and welcoming theme and energy this family brings.

I have continued to document their family’s love every year, creating beautiful albums and wall portraits for them to enjoy throughout the rest of their lives.

The sessions were done at their family’s homes which needless to say, were simply amazing.

I feel blessed for each and every one of the families that I’ve gotten to know and worked with. Thank you for letting me capture the beauty of your life.

Love, Lori

Want me to capture your own family memories?

When was the last time your family had some beautiful professional photos taken? iPhone pictures are great but they’re no replacement for a beautiful wall portrait hanging in your living room or hallway that you get to walk past every single day. As a parent, I’m guessing you’re usually stuck behind the camera, but you deserve to be a part of these beautiful memories with your kids and loved ones.

Give us a call at (949)831-3774 or click here to fill out our contact form to schedule your Family Photo Session with Brystan Studios – the Top Orange County Photography Studio!

Spring Flowers + Cleaning: What’s New at Brystan Studios

Spring Flowers + Cleaning: What’s New at Brystan Studios

Here are Brystan Studios, we are embracing SPRING – after all it is my favorite season with its longer days and beautiful blooms.

Here are some of the things we’re loving lately…

Spring Flowers Make for Beautiful Photo Sessions….

Making this season even better was this fresh family photo session with the Bussones.

We met up in a field of daisies and the pictures could not have turned out better. Mom (Jennifer) was surrounded by her boys who showered her with flowers from the field.

What's New at Brystan Studios (Spring Flowers + New Set)

We also caught some romantic moments between Mom and Dad…

What's New at Brystan Studios (Spring Flowers + New Set)

And helped them bring their Spring inspiration indoors to their home with these beautiful products…

What's New at Brystan Studios (Spring Flowers + New Set)

Check out this behind-the-scenes video from another Spring-inspired session….

Want to book your own Spring-themed photo session? Call us today at (949) 831-3774 or click here to fill out our contact form!

Spring Cleaning at Brystan Studios

We took spring cleaning seriously this year and gave the back studio a fresh look.

Plus, we upgraded a client-favorite set!

What's New at Brystan Studios (Spring Flowers + New Set)

Call us at the studio to book and design your own photo session – (949) 831-3774. We look forward to helping you create new memories from your favorite family moments!

Book Your Holiday Family Photo Sessions with top Orange County Photographer

Book Your Holiday Family Photo Sessions with top Orange County Photographer

With the holidays quickly approaching, I’m sure you’re thinking about how to best honor your family and make this year truly special. So have you given any thought to treating your loved ones to one of our special holiday family photo sessions?

It’s that time of year, and you’re definitely going to want to beat the holiday rush by getting your session booked in now!

At Brystan Studios, we have documented families for over 30 years, and have been blessed to help create magical memories around the holidays for thousands of families.

And no matter what your style preference, we have you covered – whether you prefer modern rustic feel or our more elegant Vanity Fair style.

We’re currently running a special to reward our the loyalty of our clients that have made us the top orange county photographers – the 2018 Holiday Photo Sessions.

Starting at $199 (regularly valued at $350), family photo sessions are a great way to remember the special moments in your journey, and they make excellent presents for those closest to you!

And you’ll also receive 25 complimentary holiday cards with any print purchase (your to-do list is about to look a lot shorter!)

And you get to choose the style that’s right for your family:

Classic Holiday Family Photo Sessions by top Orange County Photographer

These sessions are designed to be your quintessential Christmas and holiday scene, and we’ll work with you to determine that perfect session for your family – whether it includes a Christmas tree, presents, sitting around the fireplace.

We’ll make sure that when you look at these photos, they evoke all the memories, feelings and traditions that you associate with the holidays.

Book Your Holiday Family Photo Sessions with top Orange County Photographer

And you can even add on our Santa Package – with your very own Santa Clause plus milk and cookies for the kids.

Modern Rustic Holiday Family Photo Sessions with Orange County Photographer

Since we’re on the West Coast, maybe your version of the Holidays is something a bit more rustic or beachy? In this package, we’ll design your family session with a nod towards what makes the holidays special for your family.

Many of the families we work with don’t want the “traditional” holiday photo with Christmas lights, trees and mistletoe, but consider booking an annual family session as the tradition itself.

Basically, their opportunity to get everyone together, take photos that include everyone (and that make everyone look great) and mark the annual milestone for their family.

We even have a hair and make-up add-on available if you want to look their best and get a little help from a professional makeup artist and hair stylist. Perfect for moms who spend their time getting everyone else ready and could use a little pampering herself!

Book Your Holiday Family Photo Sessions with top Orange County Photographer

Vanity Fair Holiday Family Photo Sessions with Orange County Photographer

Maybe your family wants to take the holiday photo is a more creative or artistic direction. That’s why we created the Vanity Fair sessions.

These portraits  are art pieces with beautiful painted backdrops from Europe – these are sure to be a conversation piece that you’ll look back and treasure forever.

Book Your Holiday Family Photo Sessions with top Orange County Photographer

Book a session to capture your family magic … and get complimentary holiday cards!

We’re booking family holiday family sessions, and if you book before October 31st, you’ll not only get our special pricing (sessions starting at $199), you’ll also receive 25 complimentary holiday cards of your photos with purchase of any prints.

Book Your Holiday Family Photo Sessions with top Orange County Photographer


Orange County Family Portraits to Capture that Special Moment in Time

Orange County Family Portraits to Capture that Special Moment in Time

Hi I’m Lori!

Nice to see you here!

The holidays are right around the corner and I know that you are thinking about where to get your family pictures taken. We’ve been taking professional family photographs for 29 years, and I love being your family’s photographer. For your special orange county family portraits to be perfect, you need to have the right location, look, and skilled photographer to take care of all those needs for you. This is where we come in!

Orange Couny Family Portraits

We offer high end, top quality photos that will look like a painting on your wall. Isn’t that why we take family pictures? To showcase them on our walls to remind us of that special memory? Every session I take is personal to me as if it were my own. Your completed gallery of photos will reflect my love, care and attention for your family and my work.

Let our photos of you adorn your walls and help remind you of that special moment in time. Be sure to scroll down and capture our holiday special! “Book any family session in October and receive 25 complimentary Holiday cards.” Use our code when you fill out our contact form found here: to receive it. Put this code into our message box:  Oct25cards, or simply let us know you want them.


We are Your Preferred Orange County Family Portrait Photographer

The bright autumn colors that fall bring are a perfect setting for your next family portrait, and I am sure that you are probably thinking of holiday pictures to send to your friends and family. Let me help you capture those exquisite photos of you so that you are sending out nothing but the best holiday photographs to all of your friends and family. 

Hiring a Professional

Whenever you hire a professional, you are going to be placing your trust in that individual to know what to do with their equipment and how to get the pictures that you want. Not only that, but they are going to be able to place you and your family at ease. If this is the way that you are going to want to do it, then you will want to book your session early due to the fact that autumn is when professionals become busy.

The difference between having us take your photo verses doing it yourself is simple. We live and breathe photography. You could be a busy mother, father, a working professional or both, but what we do is photography.

Choosing Your Perfect Family Portrait Setting

Keep these three things in mind when it comes to picking a location for your photos.

  • Choose a background that will fit your card’s motif.
  • Don’t pick a crowded location
  • Let us take the photos and direct your poses because we know what works!

For stunning Orange County family portraits that capture your family’s inner and outer beauty, contact us today! We look forward to becoming your family’s special photographer.

Wishing you love and light this holiday season.

 Lori Brystan

Orange County Family Photography by Lori Brystan

Orange County Family Photography by Lori Brystan

Share the Good Vibes.

Orange County family photography at Brystan Studios is all about good vibes. And those good vibes are contagious and they will be felt whenever your friends, family members and guests see your portraits, wherever they may be. They should be anything but basic. Start with an amazing location, like our beautiful and exclusive garden.  I love shooting here because we have so many options all at one location.Orange County Family Photography with Lori Brystan



























After a relaxing hair and makeup session, we will choose the perfect garden setting. It might be on my oversized hammock or maybe my one-of-a-kind hanging bed swing.

Unique and customized garden location for your Orange County family photography session.

Whatever the setting, your portraits will capture the soul and essence of what makes you and your family special.  My absolute most favorite thing is to discover and reveal the nuances that embody the human spirit. I try to accomplish this in all my shoots, whether its a family portrait or an individual.  I’ll catch you being your amazing self.  And likewise, when you aren’t even aware of it, I’ll find the moments where you and your family are simply living life in an extraordinary way.

Orange County Family Photography with Lori BrystanSince I’ve been doing this for almost 30 years now, clients have taught me a few timeless and very important things.  First and foremost is the lesson of “now”.  Don’t put off your portrait session thinking that the perfect time or situation will come at a later time.  Do it now, while all the kids are home and not in school. Do it for them. Do it for that special person in your life. Or better yet, just do it for you.  You won’t be sorry.

Let’s create art that just happens to be you and your family.

We call it Photography that Captures the Soul.

Orange County Mothers Day Portraits

Orange County Mothers Day Portraits

Mom’s are amazing.  And Mother is such an incredible title. Our amazing life literally comes from them and as long as they share this world with us they are always there for us. Here in Orange County Mothers Day portraits are a special gift for your special super woman. Give your mother a gift that all of you will remember forever. Maybe it’s a beautiful portrait of your mom displaying her classic beauty like this one I shot of my own mother, speaking of timeless…

Orange County's best photographer for timeless and classic beauty is Lori Brystan.

Brystan Studios presents Classic and Timeless Beauty created by Orange County's best photographer, Lori Brystan.

Maybe the most prominent mother at this time in your life is your wife or daughter or maybe a friend who is a new mom. Gift them a Signature Session and add-on a few extras like extra people or a location and come in with babies, kids or husband and create portraits that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Orange County's best newborn photography by Lori Brystan at Brystan Studios.

Orange County's best newborn photography by Lori Brystan at Brystan Studios.

Capture these unforgettable moments that the entire family and circle of friends will cherish throughout the growing up years. It passes so quickly, don’t miss it.

Celebrate Mothers Day with portraits at Brystan Studios.

Buy a gift certificate now for your Mother’s Day Signature Session with Lori Brystan. Brystan Studios is your best choice for Orange County Mothers Day portraits.


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