Love is in the air!

Love is in the air!

Here at Brystan Studios we love Valentine’s Season! Valentine’s is all about love! Love for self, love for others, and romantic love.

Lori Brystan is celebrating her 30th Anniversary as Southern California’s premier photographer by kicking off her year-long celebration with a special week at Brystan Studios. For the week of January 23-29, come experience a photo shoot with Lori Brystan that will be unforgettable in every way! Featuring some insane Valentine props that you can choose from while you are sipping pink champagne, enjoying decadent chocolates and listening to your favorite music!


You will not want to miss an opportunity to have a photo shoot in a bed of roses, a bouquet of heart shaped balloons or flowers beautifully placed on your body and in your hair! The Brystan Fantasy Wardrobe Collection has expanded too! Still as exotic and ever, but now with additional sizes.


30th Anniversary Special

Buy One Valentine Look and Receive a Second Valentine Look Photo Shoot Free

Hair and Makeup by Lori Brystan


Limited Space Available

Week of January 23-29


Lori Brystan has been perfecting her art for 30 years. Starting as an Elite model, she has earned her reputation as a preeminent photographer.  She has an instinctive ability to capture the feeling behind the image, the essence of the person and the true spirit of their soul through her photography and expertise with lighting.


Each photo session if filled with magic by having a professional and hairstyling session with Lori, to experiencing a professional Super Model quality photo shoot.  Each set and prop is personally selected for you!


Gallery photos by Lori Brystan grace the homes of clients throughout the world. Her client list is impressive and she makes friends with everyone she meets. This Valentine’s photo shoot will be a signature experience to a heightened level! You will not want to miss this one-time opportunity. 


Spaces are limited. Please call to book your Valentine Signature Photo Shoot to secure your day and time (949)831-3774.

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography: The Time is Now.

Boudoir Photography.  Because every woman could use a little lift from time to time.  It might be the emotional boost that comes from a self-proclamation like “hey, I’m never gonna be younger than today so I’m going for it”.  Maybe it’s a reminder of just how beautiful we are and we embrace it.  Sometimes it feels really good just to share something personal like an intimate moment with the one we love.  And it all goes just a little bit further with a dash of sexy thrown in the mix!  I love helping women uncover personal treasures like these.

Boudoir Photography: Uncovering Treasured Beauty

I believe every woman is treasured beauty.  Sometimes we just need a little help to uncover that reality.  Early in my life I discovered that I’ve been blessed with the ability to see this in people.  It is my purpose and mission in life to share this blessing with others.  Especially those who cannot see it in themselves.

Halloween Boudoir Photography Fantasy Shoot

Fantasy Shoot with Lori Brystan at Brystan Studios

Boudoir Photography: Where “Sexy” Starts

When I first meet someone, the revelation rushes in like a river of textures, shadows and color.  It might be a certain angle that you just can’t see in the mirror.  Maybe it’s the perfect lighting environment for you.  Maybe its a mood or expression waiting to be captured.  Whatever it is, once discovered a whole flood of positive feeling, confident emotion and true love is released.  I believe this is where “sexy” starts.  And this is when holding the camera becomes so fun and rewarding for me.

Boudoir Photography by Lori Brystan and Brystan Studios

Bridal Boudoir Photography by Lori Brystan and Brystan Studios

Boudoir Photography: Lori Brystan’s Signature

Creating beautiful, sexy art that captures an individual’s soul is my signature.  That’s why we call my boudoir photography sessions Signature Shoots and that’s why the Brystan Studios Mantra is “Photography that Captures the Soul”.

Boudoir Photographer Orange County

One of Lori Brystan’s early works: A Boudoir Portrait shot on film at Brystan Studios almost 20 years ago.

A Couples Shoot is the Ultimate Play Date

A Couples Shoot is the Ultimate Play Date

A couples shoot is the Ultimate Play Date at Brystan Studios.  If you want to give your girl or man a truly thrilling and sexy surprise, gift wrap one of our Gift Certificates for a Couples Shoot.  As a portrait photographer for over 25 years, it is still exciting and rewarding to see that spark in the eyes of a couple in love.  I see this powerful love connection on a daily basis when a man joins his wife or girlfriend for their viewing presentation in our theater room to see her boudoir session portraits for the very first time.

 A Couples Shoot is the Ultimate Play Date at Brystan Studios

A couples shoot takes the sizzle factor up to a whole new level.  Not only do I get to reveal the woman’s best angles and uncover her amazing beauty, but I get to explore that magical and intangible love connection between the two of them.

A Couples Shoot is the Ultimate Play Date at Brystan Studios

Sexy is Timeless Boudoir Photography

Sexy is Timeless Boudoir Photography

I’m blown away by the positive energy, mindset and pure beauty of our clients.  For over 25 years I’ve shot nearly 400 sessions a year and I’m still overwhelmed by how beautiful a woman can be at any age.  Sure our beauty can be like the shifting sand as I see this happening in my own life.  The attributes that I see and enjoy now aren’t exactly the same as 20 or 30 years ago.  But when projected by the right state of mind and revealed from the right angle and point of view…there is still a wow factor.  In the last several months in particular, I’ve had the pleasure of capturing some amazing moments with incredible women that are in their 60’s.  Such is the case with our client Linda who is stunning here as the first in a new series I’m calling The Smokin’ Sixties.

Sexy is timeless boudoir photography at Brystan Studios where Inner and outer beauty is revealed at any age.

Linda is a marketing professional who exemplifies elegance, grace and just how fun and enjoyable this stage of life can be.  I get to spend some very special moments with clients as I’m styling their hair and makeup.  Often times, they’re relaxing with a little wine or champagne as we connect on so many different topics of life.  Like so many of our clients, Linda did this shoot first and foremost for herself.  And why not?  While time is fleeting and passes quickly, sexy is timeless.  And beauty is an attitude that exudes from the power within.  And, of course, is also enjoyed by the beholder.

Sexy is timeless boudoir photography at Brystan Studios where Inner and outer beauty is revealed at any age.

I’m discovering that this is the time in life when a woman really can have it all.  With many of life’s challenges behind, a beauty-filled woman can enjoy her world, rest in certain accomplishments and still master and conquer many new things.

Sexy is timeless boudoir photography at Brystan Studios where Inner and outer beauty is revealed at any age.

I get the feeling from Linda and others like her that all this will probably not end with the 60’s.  There’s just so much more we can do and look forward to…

Treat yourself.  Sexy is timeless boudoir photography.

Valentine's Day Angel Wings aren't just for Supermodels

I have always loved Valentine’s Day Angel Wings.  Even before they were being featured by Victoria’s Secret on their supermodels.  I first shot angel wings on a baby girl 20 years ago.  Over the years, I’ve shot angel wings for many occasions, not just Valentine’s Day.  Anniversaries, bridal boudoir books, birthdays and other various holidays.

Custom Angel Wings at Brystan Studios with the world's best boudoir photographer Lori Brystan.

This year, I had a special kind of Valentine’s day Angel Wings in mind.  I just couldn’t find anything that came close to the mental visualization. So, I created my own.  They a little softer, fuller and bigger than what you can find available on the market.  And I love them!  They are a perfect addition to my Signature White Sheet look that I first established 28 years ago.

White Sheet at Brystan Studios, the signature look of the world's best boudoir photographer Lori Brystan.

I’ll be featuring these Valentine’s Day Angel Wings throughout the month of January as a special White Sheet look.  I’d love to capture your perfect inner angel!

Holiday Boudoir

Holiday Boudoir

Tap into your holiday boudoir fantasy…

…with something beautiful, imaginative, sexy and new every day.  We have created amazing shoots to help keep the holiday fires burning.  These fantasy shoots are all quite different from each other.  Perhaps you just might find a little inspiration to come in for your own holiday boudoir fantasy!  You’ll find even more in our Boudoir Gallery.  So what are you giving the person who already has everything?  How about suprising them with a little holiday imagination.  Holiday boudoir…the best gift ever!

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