Boudoir-Women-In-Black-And-WhiteWhen women walk into Orange County’s premiere boudoir photo studio, Brystan Studios, for their boudoir photo shoot they all have a story to tell. I’m always so curious as to what their story is. Some women are just very sexy, very in shape, very much comfortable with their body and happy to flaunt it! I’m very envious of those women. A lot of them tell me they have Pilates to thank for that. Note to self; sign up for a Pilates class ASAP!
Of course, there are the shy ones that have wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot their whole lives and finally just bit the bullet! It takes them a while to loosen up and even might need a little glass of champagne to release their inhibitions. Those are the best. When they see the results of what Orange County Master Photographer, Lori Brystan has created for them, they literally get goose bumps. Some even shed a few tears when they see their work of art from Lori.
But the best stories that I hear are the stories of a woman that is doing her boudoir shoot for just her self. She wants to assure herself that she is sexy. She wants to capture herself looking her most beautiful and vulnerable. She wants photos that she can look back at many years from now and think, “damn, I looked great”!
I did my first boudoir photo shoot when I was 20 years old. I did it for my then boyfriend and he loved them. The boyfriend is long gone and I couldn’t be happier. My photos…I’ve still got them and I still love them. I’m now 43 years old, happily married with 3 amazing kids. Sometimes I come across my boudoir photos and look at them and think, “damn, I looked great”!
I’m lucky enough to work with Lori and be a part of her amazing team. I can’t wait for the chance to have Lori do a boudoir shoot of me. I know that even though I’m slightly older, I trust Lori to make me look even sexier than I was when I was 20! Stay tuned for then and now photos.

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