I have always loved Valentine’s Day Angel Wings.  Even before they were being featured by Victoria’s Secret on their supermodels.  I first shot angel wings on a baby girl 20 years ago.  Over the years, I’ve shot angel wings for many occasions, not just Valentine’s Day.  Anniversaries, bridal boudoir books, birthdays and other various holidays.

Custom Angel Wings at Brystan Studios with the world's best boudoir photographer Lori Brystan.

This year, I had a special kind of Valentine’s day Angel Wings in mind.  I just couldn’t find anything that came close to the mental visualization. So, I created my own.  They a little softer, fuller and bigger than what you can find available on the market.  And I love them!  They are a perfect addition to my Signature White Sheet look that I first established 28 years ago.

White Sheet at Brystan Studios, the signature look of the world's best boudoir photographer Lori Brystan.

I’ll be featuring these Valentine’s Day Angel Wings throughout the month of January as a special White Sheet look.  I’d love to capture your perfect inner angel!

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