It feels like just yesterday, that I was giving birth to my daughter, Skyler, but then again it seems like forever. I’ve shot hundreds of senior portraits but today it’s for us. Time flies. I remember when I was younger, some of my clients would tell me how quickly their kids grew up and hearing that over and over again really stuck with me. I believe it made me more aware of when I did become a mother, that I would paid attention to every moment and was always present. I never wanted to regret the time that was passing me by.

Skyler Senior 04-17-8132I ended up getting divorced when my daughter was just 2 years old, so I was a single parent for most of her life. We didn’t have a big family but we had so much joy, love, laughter and wonderful memories. Of course, I took a lot of photos and for that I’m grateful.

Skyler Senior 04-17-8232Now that she’s turning 18 and graduating high school I get to reflect on all the wonderful years and even though she technically now an adult she will always be my baby. For her graduation gift, I am making her a beautiful keepsake album with pictures from every year of her life along with the poems that I wrote her over the years. Being her mother is one of the greatest gifts. When the album is done I will post it and share it.

Fall in love with moments.

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