Preparing for Your Professional Photoshoot

Preparing for Your Professional Photoshoot

Professional photoshoots are your chance to build your brand. In today’s environment, showing who you are can be just as important as showing what you do. Beach location shoots have given our clients the perfect chance to create that balance. 

To help you prepare for your location shoot, we’re sharing tips on how you can showcase the best parts of who you are.

Design Your Theme

Your shoot includes a consultation session where we discuss what you want to achieve. This is an important step in planning for your shoot and goes beyond determining what professional persona you want to showcase. Your personality as an individual is why business will want to work with you, so this is a great opportunity to reflect and determine how you want to represent yourself.

Plan Your Look

In addition to the aesthetic of your photoshoot, you’ll want to plan outfits, accessories, makeup and hair that match the vibe. You’ll want to do this at least a few weeks in advance of your shoot (our team will schedule a consultation with you to discuss). It is helpful to come prepared with some inspirational shots you have found on your own. This is a good time to think about how many outfits you will want and if you can reduce the number of changes by repeating certain clothing items or accessories with slight tweaks.

Take Care of Your Body

During the planning phase, you’ll have scheduled a date, set your aesthetic and planned your looks. One important step in preparing for your photoshoot is taking care of your body and preparing it for the day of. The week before your shoot, maintain a healthy, sodium- and starch-light diet to avoid uncomfortable bloating. We also recommend drinking plenty of water and limit alcohol intake (avoid it if possible) to help avoid dull and dry skin. Most importantly, get your beauty rest! 

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If you’re wondering whether an Orange County beach photoshoot is right for you, give us a call at (949) 831-3774 to discuss, or click here for our contact form to schedule your session with Brystan Studios.

Summertime Beach Shoots

Summertime Beach Shoots

Walking on sand and watching the waves is just one of the reasons to love summers on the beach. It’s the calm we need and crave before returning to the hustle and bustle of back to school, busy season at the office, and prepping for the holidays. It’s a moment in time to savor. 

This summer, our team had the amazing opportunity to create beautiful works of art, capturing moments to remember on the beach. It was an experience we couldn’t resist sharing with you. 

The sand between your toes, the sun kissing your little one’s cheeks, and dipping into the soothing waters. These are just a few reasons to go to the beach with your family. The beach is a place you can build fond memories that last a lifetime while tickling the brain and imagination and activating “play mode.” Capturing these memories can help you savor those precious moments to last throughout the year and seasons to come.

Senior Portraits are a once in a lifetime moment to capture. They are a reminder to forever look back on that time between childhood and adulthood. Senior Portraits at the beach are unlike any other photoshoot experience and give a unique look and feel that stands out. When you’re at the beach, you’re your most natural, beautiful self and it’s a wonderful backdrop for a candid moments throughout the entire session.

Even professional shoots to boost your business are a great fit for beach photoshoots. When you’re at the beach, you can unplug and recharge, which can create the perfect candid moments to capture on camera. Many professionals feel they have to do professional photoshoots in the environment they work in, but as social trends have shown us, it’s great to show your social and professional network the many sides of who you are. And, a beachside photoshoot is a great opportunity to do just that!

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If you’re wondering whether an Orange County beach photoshoot is right for you, give us a call at (949) 831-3774 to discuss, or click here for our contact form to schedule your session with Brystan Studios.

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I Love Baby Photography

I Love Baby Photography

When I look at this amazing shot from one of my baby photography sessions last week I want to break out in laughter and cry all at once!  A warm wave of pure, innocent joy fills my heart to overflowing.  I feel so lucky to be able to meet and spend time with amazing OC families and capture special moments like this!

Orange County Baby Photography

A warm wave of pure, innocent joy!

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