One of my favorites is Orange County Pet Photography.  When it’s time to remember our furry friends I like to capture the moment out in the open!

Whether its a lavender field, a gorgeous sandy beach, in your own bathtub, or on my private garden patio…

all are places that set you free -and capture stunning images of yourself, your family and the pets you love.

What do these locations have in common?  They can be outrageous, serene, beautiful or thought-provoking…

Recently, one of our clients lost their beloved family dog.  They ordered a special wall portrait from a previous shoot to remember him by.

Orange County Pet Photography by Lori Brystan and Brystan Studios, Orange County's best pet photographer and photography studio

Pet Photography by Lori Brystan

This is just a sample of what’s possible out in the wide open spaces of Orange County Pet Photography!  Featured in this shoot is Rita who absolutely loves her golden retrievers.  These two energetic dogs had such personality and were a joy to shoot!  These images are totally one-of-a-kind and for Rita, unforgettable.

Classic Women's Portraiture by Lori Brystan and Brystan Studios Orange County's Best Photographer and Photography Studio

Classic Women’s Portraiture by Lori Brystan


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