Share the Good Vibes.

Orange County family photography at Brystan Studios is all about good vibes. And those good vibes are contagious and they will be felt whenever your friends, family members and guests see your portraits, wherever they may be. They should be anything but basic. Start with an amazing location, like our beautiful and exclusive garden.  I love shooting here because we have so many options all at one location.Orange County Family Photography with Lori Brystan



























After a relaxing hair and makeup session, we will choose the perfect garden setting. It might be on my oversized hammock or maybe my one-of-a-kind hanging bed swing.

Unique and customized garden location for your Orange County family photography session.

Whatever the setting, your portraits will capture the soul and essence of what makes you and your family special.  My absolute most favorite thing is to discover and reveal the nuances that embody the human spirit. I try to accomplish this in all my shoots, whether its a family portrait or an individual.  I’ll catch you being your amazing self.  And likewise, when you aren’t even aware of it, I’ll find the moments where you and your family are simply living life in an extraordinary way.

Orange County Family Photography with Lori BrystanSince I’ve been doing this for almost 30 years now, clients have taught me a few timeless and very important things.  First and foremost is the lesson of “now”.  Don’t put off your portrait session thinking that the perfect time or situation will come at a later time.  Do it now, while all the kids are home and not in school. Do it for them. Do it for that special person in your life. Or better yet, just do it for you.  You won’t be sorry.

Let’s create art that just happens to be you and your family.

We call it Photography that Captures the Soul.

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