Halloween Boudoir Fantasy Shoot.

Feeling a little extra seductive this Halloween?  Then it’s time to play Dress Up!  Studies show that women are buying more sexy & seductive Halloween costumes than any other type costume.

Halloween Boudoir Fantasy Shoot

Halloween Boudoir Fantasy Shoot with Lori Brystan at Brystan Studios

Women want to be sexy at Halloween! And so do we!

So, let’s break out the fishnets, the lashes, hook up the bustiers and rock the boots!   Bring your good girl, bad girl sexy over this way.

Halloween Boudoir Fantasy ShootWho says getting a little fun, fantastical and whimsical attitude should only be left for Halloween?

Halloween Boudoir Fantasy ShootSchedule a boudoir fantasy shoot and we’ll capture your sexy on one of our beautiful and seductive new sets like our Bar Noir nightlife theme, or up against our rustic staircase made of reclaimed wood, or on our signature vintage red velvet couch.

With so many amazing sets and props we could say we put Sexy Halloween on the map.

We promise we’ll make you look naughty…and nice!

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