I am so excited to welcome back out Annual Children’s Photo shoot event for 2013! I feel like I watch my daughter get taller and more grown up every day. She is 13 years old and it feels like just yesterday I was chasing her around the backyard able to swoop her up in my arms at any time. As a mother I am deeply thankful for the photographs I have of Sky ( my daughter) when she was a little girl, they are magical gems that I will cherish forever. So with that being said let me tell you about the photo shoot event! It is actually multiple events throughout the month of March. The first one is happening on Saturday March 23rd in my garden. I have a gorgeous backyard I frequently use for photo shoots and it is the perfect location to photograph children being unapologetically children. I have a hammock, a beautiful new bed swing, bubbles and garden props. Also considering the season, I will have a easter egg surprise the day of the shoot. The next event is on Tuesday March 26th at one of Orange County’s, arguably California’s,  most beautiful locations. Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach is a stunning seascape with old staircases, black edgy chipped walls, majestic caves and of course the gorgeous blue pacific ocean. I have an enormous amount of beach props and accessories to let kids have a ton of fun as were creating memorable pictures. And finally, because I know how busy life can get especially with kids schedules , I am offering a discounted studio shoot at anytime during the month of March! Whenever you can wrangle your kids up and come into the studio I have endless props, sets and backdrops to create really beautiful pictures within the walls of the studio! I am really excited about these events and I cant wait to create some beautiful pictures!

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