Celebrate Marriage

Celebrate Marriage with Michael & Me …It’s our first anniversary already! I’ve got to tell you it’s been the best year of my life and I can’t imagine it any other way. Sure there’s been challenges.  Just imagine what life with 2 artists (me, the photographer and Michael, the musician) under the same roof can be like.  However, the adventures we’ve explored together and the totally amazing good times far outweigh the challenges.  Besides that, we are fans of comedy and drama and both of us bring plenty of both to the table! Yes, We Do Weddings Many of you have asked about our wedding over these past months so we wanted to share our photos and highlight video from the ceremony and reception. I also want to thank my amazing photography team at Brystan Studios for the excellent coverage they provided, as you will notice in our highlight video and in the gallery below. Since we’re known by reputation as a portrait studio, I’m often asked if we do weddings. As you can see, the answer is yes! See more of our wedding and couples photography here. If you or someone you know is getting married, let Brystan Studios help you celebrate marriage. Watch our Wedding Highlight Video:

Happy Fathers Day Photography

Amazing portraits of a father and his kids, even his entire family are the perfect ingredients for true Happy Fathers Day photography. Don’t just pull out your iPhone. Capture a true legacy moment. Give him heart and soul.     As an artist I love the opportunity to discover that unique light inside each person just waiting to be shared with those they love.  Every individual is a special composition and story waiting to be told. Let’s not overlook the story of the man in our life. Maybe it’s a fun family session, or a laughing child or casual gathering of kids and grandkids.  It could even be an intimate portrait of you. Whether in studio or on location there’s a meaningful story just waiting to be told.      There is nothing wrong with ties, tools, car parts, or sporting event tickets. But this year, do something unique and timeless. Give him Happy Fathers Day photography of those he loves, or a Gift Certificate for a session that includes the him and the kids or even the entire family. Maybe even just a shoot with him and the kids. Portraits keep our family legacies and the milestones of our lives in front of us everyday. I’m sure we all have visual memories of unforgettable wall portraits in the homes of our grandparents and other friends and family members etched in our minds.      Take a moment and create a legacy moment.  Give the father in your life Happy Fathers Day photography.

Orange County Childrens Portraits

We are sharing our Bunny Miso this Spring for a special Orange County children’s portraits mini-session in our studio. Come give a little love to Miso, he just might give you some bunny love right back.

Valentines Day Boudoir is Red Hot

Valentines Day Boudoir is the Perfect Gift From roses to candy hearts, there are so many ways to surprise your special someone with Valentines Day Boudoir portraits. It could be something subtle or red hot sizzling from top to bottom.  Lori Brystan and her team of female photographers capture unforgettable moments of beautiful, amazing you at your very hottest.  You don’t have to settle for a box of chocolates this Valentines Day.  Turn up the heat. Put something on and take something off.  You’ll melt more than just the chocolates…  A beautiful, hand-crafted Fine Art Album captures the essence of your love as well as your most beautiful angles.  For many, the surprise alone of a Valentines Day Boudoir Album is enough to re-ignite the spark you’ve been looking for. A legacy heirloom like this will be a lifetime reminder of the special relationship you share.

Orange County Boudoir Photographer, Lori Brystan

Orange County Boudoir Photographer, LORI BRYSTAN, lives to bring light and love to people’s lives. DID YOU KNOW…in French Boudoir literally translates to “the pouting room.” Fantasy becomes Reality Inspired by the world’s sexiest language, for me boudoir is where fantasy and reality collide.  While some of us may still pout in our bedrooms, we all have our inner sexy desiring to get out and express itself.  We like to help make that expression happen.  Let’s stop pouting and start expressing.  The fantasy begins when I use beams of light bouncing off hair with just the right strokes of makeup and color.   Textured fabrics of a wardrobe selection can pop with electricity in the perfect setting or backdrop.  We have sexy sets to match your every mood.  Whether you’re voluptuous or fun-sized, feeling racy or relaxed, being beautiful is feeling beautiful.  Finally, there’s the magical angle of the camera that screams, “this woman is nothing less than absolutely stunning.”  I believe the Brystan Experience brings a woman’s ultimate fantasy of expressing her amazing sexy self to the very surface of her living and breathing reality.   Open the Door It’s so common for a woman to come to the studio feeling much less than beautiful or amazing.  We women can be very hard on ourselves.  That’s where I feel like I flourish.  I know how liberating it is to free that inner person we were created to be.  I enjoy nothing more than being the bright light that reveals the exit that has always been there.  My camera is a key that opens the door.  Your door. Most of our clients will tell you that even though they come to Brystan Studios to create something special for someone else, in the end they are the ones who get so […]

Naughty Tricks and Sexy Treats for a Happy Halloween Boudoir Fantasy Shoot

Halloween Boudoir Fantasy Shoot. Feeling a little extra seductive this Halloween?  Then it’s time to play Dress Up!  Studies show that women are buying more sexy & seductive Halloween costumes than any other type costume. Women want to be sexy at Halloween! And so do we! So, let’s break out the fishnets, the lashes, hook up the bustiers and rock the boots!   Bring your good girl, bad girl sexy over this way. Who says getting a little fun, fantastical and whimsical attitude should only be left for Halloween? Schedule a boudoir fantasy shoot and we’ll capture your sexy on one of our beautiful and seductive new sets like our Bar Noir nightlife theme, or up against our rustic staircase made of reclaimed wood, or on our signature vintage red velvet couch. With so many amazing sets and props we could say we put Sexy Halloween on the map. We promise we’ll make you look naughty…and nice!

Gift for the Man who has Everything and Needs Nothing

Gift for the man who has everything and needs nothing.  Keep it simple.  Give him an amazing boudoir wall portrait or fine art photo book of beautiful you!   I promise he will absolutely love it.  And it will remind him just how lucky he is this holiday season! Shine some light on the gift for the man who has everything Painting with light is my passion.  Natural light, studio light, accent lighting or even candle light.  I love them all.  Often times it’s the light that tells your story.  It could be a blast of white that radiates joy.  Maybe it’s the warm glow of a subtle invitation from your eyes.  Sometimes it’s best displayed where light isn’t…in the depth of a shadow or it might even just falloff to complete darkness. In most cases, it’s the subtle use of all the above converging in some way that really captures that intangible human stroke that actually releases the senses to feel the heart of a portrait or the vitality of life captured in the soul of a portrait.  This is what I live for and look forward to every day. The best gift for the man who has everything is love Light is like love…there are so many ways to express it.  I’ll bring the light, you give the love and together we’ll create something special that really reaches your man’s heart and gets his blood pumping!   He may have never say it out loud, but he really wants you to do something like this for him.  Maybe he’s been begging you to create something like this.  Either way, make it the best it can be…give him the absolute best and most beautiful and sexy you.  A stunning boudoir wall portrait or fine art photo book — truly the perfect gift for the man who has […]

Orange County Pet Photography

One of my favorites is Orange County Pet Photography.  When it’s time to remember our furry friends I like to capture the moment out in the open! Whether its a lavender field, a gorgeous sandy beach, in your own bathtub, or on my private garden patio… all are places that set you free -and capture stunning images of yourself, your family and the pets you love. What do these locations have in common?  They can be outrageous, serene, beautiful or thought-provoking… Recently, one of our clients lost their beloved family dog.  They ordered a special wall portrait from a previous shoot to remember him by. This is just a sample of what’s possible out in the wide open spaces of Orange County Pet Photography!  Featured in this shoot is Rita who absolutely loves her golden retrievers.  These two energetic dogs had such personality and were a joy to shoot!  These images are totally one-of-a-kind and for Rita, unforgettable.  

Timeless Orange County Glamour Photography for the Elegant Woman

IS IT HOT IN HERE OR IS IT JUST ME!!! Timeless Orange County Glamour Photography for the Elegant Woman.  Something every woman can celebrate! I can’t tell you how many woman over 40 call me on the phone to book boudoir appointments.  Almost always with a list of concerns.  They have hopes that I will be able to wave my magic wand and make all of their so called flaws disappear (and I do). I can totally relate since I just turned 50.  My own list of complaints is growing as is my waistline.  I do all the right things: yoga, Retin-A, I try to eat right most of the time.  But, I know that deep down self-acceptance and giving attention to those we love is what really matters in life.  This is what ultimately makes us beautiful.  So I bought some bigger clothes and revamped my personal lingerie collection.  I’m focusing on the things I do like about myself.  When I finally meet my clients for their shoot they almost always blow me away with how they describe themselves.  Their critical description is not the way they look at all.  They are gorgeous, classic beauties!  Then we play dress up, turn the music on, pour some wine or pop some champagne and start shooting.  When they say it’s getting hot in here I now say yes it is.  You’re hot!  That burst of heat is a flood of woman power.  Olga is one of the many women who have recently inspired me.  Her tears of joy after seeing her amazing boudoir book reminded me of why I do what I do.  And I love it.