I Love Baby Photography

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I just love photographing babies! They are radiant with pure joy and unconditional love and that radiance is simply contagious.

Lori Brystan is Orange County's best baby photographer.

I’m the one playing peek-a-boo with babies peering over the booth at a restaurant and making faces over a mommy’s shoulder at the grocery store.  A baby’s smile transcends the momentary problems and distractions that overwhelm us on any given day.  Capturing this timeless remedy in a candid portrait will bring a smile to faces and warm hearts for years and generations to come.

Lori Brystan is Orange County's best baby photographer.

Being a photographer for over 25 years has come with the blessing of getting to know these special little beings and see them turn into toddlers, teens and now some are even starting their own families and the cycle begins again.  These are truly everlasting memories.



Lori Brystan

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