Orange County Boudoir Photography: Fine Art at its Best

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Brystan Studios is the ultimate Orange County boudoir photography experience.  Brystan Studios is recognized as the best in Orange County boudoir photography. Boudoir photographer Lori Brystan brings fantasy to life.  As a masterful artist, Lori paints with light. She brings every woman’s inner beauty to the foreground.  Lori has a special ability to see a woman’s perfect angles. Everyone looks amazing through her lens.  Professional hair and makeup is styled perfectly for your customized look. Lori also has an ever expanding collection of unique props and wardrobe from around the world. Your one-of-a-kind experience at Brystan Studios is ready to take you to amazing places never explored before.

Tap into the fantasy. Celebrate feeling beautiful.

Revel in the sheer pleasure of being a woman. Discover how nice naughty can be.

Orange County Boudoir Photography Review: “I have taken a lot of photos but hands down the images I just shot with Lori are the best ones I have even taken. She is such a gifted artist! She has an eye for composition and she knows how to capture images. They are the ultimate expression of beauty and sensuality.”–R.G.

Orange County Boudoir Photography Review: “Lori Brystan is Orange County’s professional boudoir photographer.  She is incredible!  I had portraits done to celebrate my birthday and I’m glad I found her studio. She does everything. Hair, makeup, styling, lights, etc. She directs you but takes into account anything specific you ar looking for.  If you want incredible photos that you never imagined anyone could take of you, then go to Lori. She is amazing! Like I said at the beginning, she is Orange County’s professional boudoir photographer. This means that you pay for the sitting and you pay for each photo you buy separately or in a package.  The entire thing is likely to be very pricey, but you get timeless photos in exchange. This to me is worth it.”-D.W.