OC’s Premier Boudoir Photography

The Boudoir Experience with Lori Brystan

Do you believe in magic?

I do. Because I’ve seen the supernatural power of beautiful curves and dynamic lighting on a woman’s self-confidence. I started my career as a model, so I know how vulnerable a woman can feel when she’s being photographed. I also learned how important having my hair and makeup done professionally boosted my confidence in front of the camera. Which is why I give you the supermodel treatment!

I have an expansive collection of luxury makeup, gorgeous wardrobe, and stunning props from around the world. My Orange County boudoir photography studio is one of a kind, with state of the art lighting and designer sets to make YOUR dream shoot a reality.

I help my clients first and foremost get comfortable. If you’re feeling a little nervous, it’s completely natural. While you’re being glammed up, nervousness fades quickly as you sip some champagne and listen to some of your favorite music. As your photo session begins, your confidence grows as you are being directed and lit by a pro. A few sneak peeks of your images on the camera, and your start to relax and have fun.

I’ve been doing boudoir sessions for decades. I’ve worked with thousands of women. It’s such a transformational experience that every woman deserves. It’s all about feeling beautiful exactly the way you are.

“When I shoot a boudoir session, I really want to reveal the beautiful angles that are unique and special to the individual woman. I believe that every woman has radiant beauty with many shades and dimensions. Many women are very hard on themselves, focusing on their flaws instead of their true beauty. So, when I get to reveal this inner beauty, it’s a special experience for both of us.” ~ Lori Brystan


“I have taken a lot of photos but hands down the images I just shot with Lori are the best ones I have even taken. She is such a gifted artist! She has an eye for composition and she knows how to capture images. They are the ultimate expression of beauty and sensuality.” ~ R.G.

“Lori Brystan is Orange County’s professional boudoir photographer. She is incredible! I had portraits done to celebrate my birthday and I’m glad I found her studio. She does everything. Hair, makeup, styling, lights, etc. She directs you but takes into account anything specific you are looking for.  If you want incredible photos that you never imagined anyone could take of you, then go to Lori. She is amazing! Like I said at the beginning, she is Orange County’s professional boudoir photographer.” ~ D.W.

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OC’s Premier Boudoir Photography

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