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Headshots by Lori Brystan

It’s vitally important to stay relevant in today’s marketplace. Distinguish yourself from the rest while advancing your media presence with some great headshots! Lori Brystan helps you look the part with professional make-up and hair styling, creating a look that is career appropriate while underscoring your unique personality and style. We see a promotion in your future!

The objective is to create an online presence that reflects the spirit of you and draws in potential clients. Make an impeccable first impression starting with your profile photograph on LinkedIn and all other social media platforms. Put your best foot forward in a professional business photo session for your company website, personal bio, and other career materials. Your image matters and whether it’s your headshot or shots highlighting your product, or the lifestyle that your product or service enhances, invest in you … you are your brand. Heighten your image as you highlight your product or service. These visuals will enhance recollection by clients and potential customers.

A creative studio for modern executive and corporate headshots, Brystan Studios is OC’s Premier Business and Commercial Photography. Our fully equipped studios and expertise enable the creation of compelling Business Branding. Create a strong internet presence and heighten your image, whether you’re in a small business or corporation. Advance your media presence using the undisputed language of online content, which includes impressive headshots!



“After working in Hollywood for 25 years, I was thrilled to find an exceptional photographer in Orange County” ~ Maria

“Wow, I love my headshot! Branding myself in a new career is so important. Lori Brystan is the best!” ~ Laurie Brooks 

“As I embark on launching my new speaking and coaching career website I am overwhelmed with clients and associates I network with how amazing this shot is and how professional.” ~ Dia Matteson Oliveira


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