OC’s Premier Men’s Portrait Photography

Men’s Portraits by Lori Brystan

Though art, traditionally, has favored women subjects over men, OC’s premier portrait studio creates amazing portraits for men, as well!

It seems that few men are at ease in front of a camera. Convincing them to relax and be themselves can be a challenge. Lori Brystan is able to break through the tension to reveal the true beauty of strength in the classic male portrait. It is one’s “character” that is accentuated and celebrated. Character is what sets us all apart. It’s that thing that makes us most unique.

In a portrait, the face and its expression is the predominant representation of a person, intended to display their personality and mood. At this state-of-the-art 2,000 square foot, light-filled professional studio, you’ll get bold, flattering shots, focused on your most appealing attributes and greatest defining features, playing up your best with specific lighting and poses.

Brystan Studios is equipped with a vast selection of extraordinary props and backdrops to perfectly reflect the desired impression. Use this opportunity to show off your sense of style … or Lori can assist you to achieve a style that looks modern, attractive, and flattering while accentuating the best side of you … natural and confident.

“I believe a great photograph stops the hands of time, captures the magic of a moment, is unique from every other, and will last a lifetime.” ~ Lori Brystan


“Hello my friends – I had the distinct HONOR to meet one of the BEST Photographers in Southern California. She really captures the SOUL like no other! BRAVO LORI!!” ~ Jason


OC’s Premier Men’s Portrait Photography


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