OC’s Premier Women’s Portrait Photography

Classic Beauty Photography by Lori Brystan

Recognized as Orange County’s premier photographer of women, Lori Brystan unlocks every woman’s Classic Beauty with her unparalleled eye for composition and her artistic gift of painting with light.

Every woman is beautiful, and Lori has the gift of bringing out their inner beauty in her Classic Beauty portraits. She illuminates their true self, allowing them to see through the mirror of her camera, the goddess within. Women, by nature, are empathetic, nurturing, gentle, loving, and closely connected to their emotions. Lori captures this along with their strength, elegance, charm and wit … all of the attributes that make them unique.

Through her lens, Lori recognizes and preserves the captivating characteristics of every woman. She will reflect your distinctive personality, and highlight your best features and all the glorious aspects of you that makes you YOU.

“I really want to reveal the beautiful angles that are unique and special to the individual woman. I believe that every woman has radiant beauty with many shades and dimensions.” ~ Lori Brystan

“Lori has a way of making women look and feel so incredibly beautiful.” ~ Kathy

“I am grateful to Brystan for showing me the beauty of my body and soul. Lori was able to reach down into my soul and bring it out into the daylight. I had no idea I was that beautiful.” ~ Bo S.


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OC’s Premier Portrait Photography

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