About Lori

Lori Brystan Orange County Photographer

From the time I was little, I was fascinated by anything beautiful, especially lighting and the way the sun danced on the leaves of a tree in the wind. Still to this day, as I drive, I have my eye out for nature’s beauty and the possibilities it holds for my next portrait. I love the change of the seasons and how I can feel the magic and possibilities swirling in that moment. Photography feeds my soul and creative side.

I’m the kind of person who tries to get a smile from your baby in the store or children that pass by. I absolutely adore them and the innocence and wonderment they represent. I am blessed with a beautiful daughter, a loving husband, and amazing friends and family. My husband is a touring musician so we travel the world and our house is filled with music.

I’m intrigued with history and the legacies we leave behind. A portrait stops the hands of time for all eternity and can bring back a feeling decades later. My clients come to me because they know they will look their best and feel beautiful. But the real reason I believe they come to me over and over again is they understand the value of this thing called life and all the beauty it holds around them.

I love yoga and belly dancing. I treasure my favorite spiritual books that enlighten me on my journey and quench my thirst for growth and knowledge. I believe that the world is good and most people are loving and World peace is possible.

I look forward to getting to know you and all the things that you’re grateful for … and capturing the story of your life.



During a successful career as an Elite model, Lori Brystan became inspired by all creative aspects of the industry and a photographer’s ability to create emotions through images. While modeling, she began acquiring an education in Make-up and Hair in the dressing room, eventually pursuing a formal education and becoming a licensed Hair and Make-up Artist. At the age of 20, Lori won 1st place at the Long Beach Hair Show.

Eventually, Lori found her true passion on the other side of the camera in the world of photography and in 1987, she launched Brystan Studios and became a professional portrait photographer. Over the past 25 years, she has been perfecting her art, earning a reputation as an author, movie producer and one of Southern California’s preeminent photographers.

As a makeup artist with extensive experience on all sides of fashion photography, Lori’s creative process utilizes high-impact techniques to bring high-end professional results, photos comparable to those pulled from the pages of the latest fashion magazine. With her unique editorial style photography, attention is paid to every detail, including unconventional posing, alternative processing of film to add a dramatic blast of color, and extensive sets and props personally selected to capture the “Art of the Shot.”

Drawing from her passion for the art of light and film, Lori is an artist, uncovering the hidden treasure of her subjects. She captures the magical moments of being a bride, a mother, a mother to be. Documenting family legacies, the Masterpieces she creates are pure artistic genius, breathtaking images capturing every glance, tear, and joyful moment. She empowers teen girls, and boosts women’s self confidence, releasing them from their ultra critical judgement of themselves and their “perceived” flaws and revealing to them the incredible beauty within. She feels it is a gift to women to show them how beautiful they are from all different angles. This is photography that captures the soul as well as life’s memorable moments.

Master Photographer, Lori Brystan, is known for her talent of the unique and instinctive ability to capture the feeling behind the image, the essence of the person, and the spirit of their soul. Her photographs become unfolding stories, captured forever, expressing the subject’s individuality, beauty and inner spirit.

Lori’s sense of style, beauty, and fashion earned her recognition as one of Orange County’s most influential personalities. She has contributed to such notable national institutions as Estee Lauder, Elle Décor, Family Circle and MCA Records. Her impressive roster includes celebrity and commercial clients with her photography gracing the homes of thousands.

Lori is also the Author of “High Impact Portrait Photography: Creative Techniques for Dramatic, Fashion-Inspired Portraits” and a contributor to Jack Canfield’s “Chicken Soup for the Soul Celebrates Grandmothers.” Additionally, she is a Beauty Contributor for Greer’s OC where she is recognized for her sense of style and knowledge of how to accentuate one’s natural beauty.

She is also the Founder and Artistic Director for “Show: The Supper Club,” a music and entertainment event production company. With this production, she combines creativity and artistry with her deep desire to produce exciting entertainment for Southern California’s sophisticated adult nightlife. In 2010, Lori was named by 911 Magazine as one of Orange County’s Top 5 Night Life Influencers.